1. These Regulations define the terms of the Loyalty Card Program hereinafter referred to as the “Program”
  2. The program organizer is Delight Wedlinka, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”
  3. The program is aimed at customers – hereinafter referred to as “Members” – who make purchases in the Delight Wedlinka stores
  4. The aim of the Program is to reward Members who purchase products whose value in pounds is converted into points at the rate of £ 1 = 1 point. Points are collected on the Loyalty Card. 1 point is worth £ 0.01 and can be used as reduction of your bill when you make purchases over £20.
  5. Delight Wedlinka Loyalty Card remain property of Delight Wedlinka, who may any time terminate the scheme or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the scheme
  6. Members are entitled to one Delight Wedlinka Loyalty Card each. Delight Wedlinka reserves the right to refuse, merge or close accounts at any time
  7. Delight Wedlinka may decline to issue, withdraw or cancel a Delight Wedlinka Loyalty Card Account if:
    • Any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme
    • Breach or attempted breach of the scheme
    • Any behavior that involves, theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behavior to a member of staff, or giving false or misleading information
  8. Delight Wedlinka Loyalty Card cannot be bought, sold or traded in any way
  9. The Regulations apply to the Organizer and the Member from the moment of signing this document


  1. Points in the Program are awarded for making a purchase in one of Delight Wedlinka stationary stores
  2. Points may be awarded only upon presentation of the Loyalty Card and only at the time of purchase. The card must be presented before payment is made. In the absence of the card during the transaction, it is not possible to add points to the Member’s account at a later date
  3. Points are awarded after any relevant discounts or promotions have been deducted from your shopping
  4. Points are calculated based on the purchase made in pounds, £ 1= 1 point. 1 point on the Loyalty Card is worth £ 0.01 and can be used as a discount for purchases over £20
  5. Delight Wedlinka reserves the right to change the aforementioned rates at any time by posting information at least one week in advance in stores and on the website. It is considered that Members who will continue to membership in the loyalty program accept the changed rules of the loyalty program
  6. Members are responsible for their Loyalty Card. Delight Wedlinka does not return points that have already been used, regardless of whether the card was used by an authorized or unauthorized person. In case of loss or theft of the card, it is not possible to restore the lost points.
  7. You can only use points from one card during one transaction. It is not possible to add up points from two different cards.
  8. Member is authorized at any time to receive information about the account balance and the number of points accumulated on the Loyalty Card. The Member can obtain this information while shopping in one of Delight Wedlinka store.
  9. Delight Wedlinka may set a point limit for promotional and alcoholic products.
  10. Members must use their points when they collect 10,000 points on their Card or points worth £100).
  11. The minimum purchase value to receive points is £1
  12. Points cannot be exchanged for cash
  13. The balance of points on the account may not be updated immediately after the purchase, it may take up to 24 hours for the points to appear on the account and can be used
  14. In the event of returning a product for which the Member received points, Delight Wedlinka reserves the right to deduct the points added for this product from the Member’s account.
  15. The Organizer may refuse the Member to make a purchase with the use of the Card (and add points) in the case of purchasing goods in bulk or goods purchased in such circumstances which indicate that the purchase is made by the Member in connection with his commercial or business activity (in particular for their resale)
  16. Delight Wedlinka may deduct or adjust the Member’s points balance in the event of incorrect adding of points or when there is a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity or violation of the terms of these regulations


You must meet the following conditions to join the Program:

  1. Making purchases in one of the Delight Wedlinka stores
  2. Getting acquainted with the content of these Regulations and accepting it.
    • The Member may collect points on his account by using the Loyalty Card when shopping
    • If the Member does not make a purchase within 6 months card balance is reset to the base balance.
    • If the Member does not collect at least 1 point within 12 months, the card becomes invalid
    • Special offers and promotions may be directed to Program Members
    • The Loyalty Card is assigned to only one Member
    • The Member may not make the Card available to other people, under the pain of depriving him of any privileges, including losing the points collected on the Card.
    • The Loyalty Card is not a payment, credit or ATM card
  3. Only persons over the age of 18 can join the program


  1. Delight Wedlinka manages data based on the Personal Data Protection Act of 1998. By signing these regulations for using the Loyalty Card, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 1998.
  2. Delight Wedlinka may use information about personal data provided by the user and information relating to transactions and purchases in Delight Wedlinka stores and participation in the loyalty program for:
    • loyalty program management
    • statistical data
    • market research
  3. The Member may resign from participation in the loyalty program by contacting one of the Delight Wedlinka store; information about resignation means the end of participation in the loyalty program.